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Pratt Northam Foundation Announces joint grant award to LCAS and LCAHA


The Board of Directors for the Pratt Northam Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded $ 74,725 to the Lewis County Agricultural Society and the Lewis County Amateur Hockey Association for the completion of a new concrete floor in the Forest Park Pavilion. The new floor will provide a better space for all to gather and the Hockey Association will be able to place their chiller lines for the ice rink directly into the floor. This will save wear and tear on equipment as well as countless volunteer labor hours when setting up and tearing down the rink.


The Lewis County Agricultural Society has generously allowed the use of its buildings and property at the Lewis County Fairgrounds to many local businesses and agencies and have hosted Relay for Life, Food Truck Fridays, Lewis County National Night Out and the Saturday Farm and Craft Market just to name a few. Not to mention the AMAZING County Fair that they provide for all of us to enjoy while we celebrate all that makes Lewis County such an awesome place to live.


The Lewis County Amateur Hockey Association is a volunteer organization that provides countless hours of support to make the Skating Rink a fun and available opportunity for the young and the young at heart to gather and enjoy some outdoor winter activity. Not only are they responsible for setting up and maintain the ice at the rink for the winter, they also provide FREE skating and hockey lessons for our area youth. Working with the Village of Lowville also allows the Skating Rink to provide open hours of free skating every day of the week. The time and commitment that this group provides is the reason that Lewis County has this thriving community asset and no amount of words can really convey just how much time and effort they give to supporting our area youth.


The Pratt Northam Foundation is grateful to these organizations for their continued support of our community and our area youth. They are especially pleased to have these 2 organizations collaborating to provide space and opportunities for the community at large. The Board of Directors recognizes their continued efforts and applauds these organizations and their volunteers for their community involvement. It is the people in these organizations and the support that they provide, that helps our community be the best that it can be. The Pratt Northam Foundation is pleased to be able to support their efforts.

Pictured from left to right: Doug Hanno, Lewis County Agricultural Society Board President, Randy Schell Pratt Northam Foundation Board President, Mike Millard, Lewis County Amateur Hockey Association Board President and Rachel Lisk Lewis County Fair Manager.