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2020 Pratt Northam Covid-19 Community Impact Grant Fund

2020 Pratt Northam COVID-19 Community Impact Grant Fund


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted some critical stress points in our communities.  From food system shortages, childcare availability, family services and support, educational support (including a lack of internet access) and more. To bolster our communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pratt Northam Foundation announces a $180,000 COVID-19 Grant Fund for the region we serve, from Boonville, NY, to all of Lewis County and Carthage, NY.  This grant funding has been made available as a one-time program for 2020 with awards to be granted in November of 2020.

This program may offer award(s) from $1,000 to $180,000 for a project(s) that will to enhance our communities and address the needs that have risen due to the COVID19 pandemic. Examples may include (but are not limited to) projects that support and expand supply chains (food and other consumer goods), local foods systems, farm to school initiatives, daycare availability, educational resources, youth initiatives and projects that strengthen our community. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization, church, government agency or community organization who is heavily involved in the community. Disbursement of funds will be subject to any conditions included in the grant award.

The following Request for Proposals (RFP) outlines the process for application.  The Pratt Northam Foundation is looking for creative and innovative programs and initiatives that will address current Covid-19 related community concerns and have an immediate impact in our communities.

Please note the requirements of each section. Proposals that are incomplete or do not meet the program goals will be removed from consideration. If you have any questions about the RFP, please contact Pratt Northam Executive Director, Karen Petersen at prattnortham@gmail.com, or phone (315) 804-0312.


2020 Pratt Northam Request for Proposal (RFP)

 All applications MUST include the following:

Contact: A primary contact, name, business name, job title, email, and phone number.

Applicant Organization Description: Briefly describe your organization (not-for-profit, government agency, organizational status, etc.), services offered, and number of years in operation. Note size and scale in terms of annual budget, and any other applicable items.

 Statement of Purpose: Describe the local community issue(s) or need(s) that your project proposes to address. Identify the ways that your project proposes to address these issue(s) or need(s). State your project’s goals. (100-200 words)

Plan: Provide a summary of your project. Describe how the funding will be used to address the issues and meet the goals described above. Clearly state the immediate impact(s) that your project will have, and how they will be measured. Please include a timeline (including milestones) for completion of actions you will undertake in your project (200-300 words)

Budget: (to be included with Project Plan) A list of material/project costs noting how Pratt Northam grant funds and any matching funds or in-kind investments (partnering for funds is encouraged) will be used.  Allowable costs may include equipment, supplies, materials, contractors, consultants and other costs appropriate for the project. Can your project move forward with partial funding? If so, what is the minimum amount of funding that would keep your project moving forward?

Reporting: Please indicate your commitment to reporting back to Pratt Northam on how funds were spent. The reporting process must clearly demonstrate the project’s impact (Return on Investment, community impact, etc.). Describe how you will report to Pratt Northam, and provide a timeline for doing so. Pratt Northam may require estimates or invoices before disbursement of grant funds.

The Pratt Northam Foundation is utilizing funding from their Workership and Careers Here Programs which were suspended for the summer of 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic. It is the goal of the Board of Directors that this funding will encourage programs and projects that will provide immediate support and relief to problems that the community is struggling with as a result of Covid19.


Applications are due no later than October 15, 2020 at midnight. Please submit your application and/or any questions to prattnortham@gmail.com. The Foundation reserves full discretion in making it’s grant decisions, including the criteria used, modification of criteria and requests for additional information and whether any grant is made under this program.


Evaluation Criteria

Applicant Organization Description:

Provide an adequate background for applicant reviewers to understand the project context and your readiness and ability to implement the proposed project.

Statement of Purpose: Provide a clear and concrete description of the community concerns/issues that your project will address. Identify the ways your project will address the community need(s) and issue(s). State your goals clearly and explicitly.

Plan: Describe a clear plan that speaks to the goals you have set with sufficient details of how goals will be obtained, including how you will measure the impact. Clearly describe how funding will be used, and provide a timeline for your project. Provide a proposed budget and please verify if you will be providing matching funds or funding from other grant sources

Reporting: Measuring success in achieving goals is critical to assessing your project and sharing outcomes with our Board. Your commitment and understanding of measuring and reporting on outcomes is essential to all projects.