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Pratt Northam Foundation Looking to hire a new Executive Director

Pratt Northam Foundation, a philanthropic organization covering an area from Carthage to Boonville (including all of Lewis County) is looking for a part time Executive Director. Desired candidate will have a passion for community improvement and the overall improvement of the quality of life for all in the Pratt Northam Foundation service area. Candidate will be in tune with community needs by working with local human service agencies, not for profits, cultural and recreational organizations to promote and provide community benefits. They will assist various organizations through advice and grant administration and report directly to the Foundations Board of Directors.

Qualified candidate will reside within the Pratt Northam Foundation service area and possess excellent communication, administration and organizational skills. Schedule is flexible but candidate must have the ability for times in the day and the evenings for fulfillment of job duties and outreach. Position available immediately. For more information visit our website Pratt Northam Foundation Looking to hire a new Executive Director . Send resume, including cover letter and salary requirements to Pratt Northam Foundation. P.O. Box 104, Lowville 13367 or email prattnortham@gmail.com by Sept 30,2021

Pratt Northam Foundation

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director


Manage daily operations of the Pratt Northam Foundation within the parameters and procedures established by the Board of Directors, maintaining the philosophy and mission of the Pratt Northam Foundation


Board of Directors, Pratt Northam Foundation



• Implement policies and procedures
• Assist in formulating and implementing new policies and procedures as needed to improve operations
• Generate quarterly reports in advance of Board meetings and attend Board meetings
• Prepare quarterly reports for review and analysis of operations and grants awarded
• Obtain approval for non-budgeted purchases
• Assure continuity and consistency in delivery and quality of services provided
• Maintain documentation and tracking of grant awards for compliance and performance of recipient
• Carry out other duties as necessary as assigned by Board

Marketing and Promotion:

• Maintain website, utilize social media and news outlets for public relations and information
• Assist community, agencies and not for profits in the development of new programs and expansion of services
• Attend community meetings and events to promote the Pratt Northam Foundation and identify community needs and opportunities to provide assistance
• Prepare press releases and develop and maintain media relations

Working Behaviors:

• Adhere to and carry out policies and procedures
• Maintain high professional standards
• Promote the Pratt Northam Foundation in a positive way
• Promote teamwork among agencies and not for profits providing services and programs


• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, time management and problem solving skills. Ability to conceptualize, organize and implement plans, anticipate problems, predict outcomes and plan for the future
• Experience in management and supervision
• Comprehensive understanding of organizational budgeting and expense management
• Maturity, friendliness and enjoyment in working with people of all ages
• Experience or interest in working with youth
• Computer experience with ability to utilize excel and word to generate reports
• Associates Degree or relevant experience

Additional requirements:

• Contract position with average work schedule of 20 hours per week
• Use of personal vehicle for business
• Use of personal cell phone (partial reimbursement of costs)
• Evening and weekend work as needed to assure adequate staffing and attending special events or meetings